General Maintenance & Tune-ups

At Greg’s Restorations, we handle all general maintenance needs for vintage 4WD vehicles and classic cars. We have both the experience and knowledge to get your vehicle running in top shape, just like the day it rolled out from the factory…if not better!

  • Spark Plugs, Wires, & Distributors

  • Fluid Flushes & Oil Changes

  • Carburetor Maintenance & Rebuilding

  • Leak Assessments

  • General Evaluations

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Engine Rebuilds & Replacements

Is the factory engine on your classic car or 4×4 performing poorly or maybe not even running at all? The team here at Greg’s Restorations has worked on countless vehicles that span production dates over the last hundred years, so chances are that we’ve come across your engine before. We have the experience to completely rebuild your original engine or swap/upgrade it. We can do everything from factory engine replacement to late model performance swaps!

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Transmission Rebuilds & Replacements

It’s not uncommon for transmissions in vintage vehicles to need maintenance, repair, or replacement after 30+ years of service. Regardless of whether you run an automatic or standard transmission, our team can accurately diagnose and offer recommendations on work that needs to be performed.

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Carburetor Rebuilding & Servicing

Carburetors can be found on the majority of vintage vehicles, and as a result, we’ve worked on restoring many to working order. We can help rebuild your original carb, assessing and servicing common components such as your jets, pumps, and chambers to ensure the right fuel ratio for your engine. We can also help source replacement carburetors should you need this service.

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Brake Overhauls (Disc & Drum)

When it comes to increasing the safety of your vintage vehicle, brake overhauls are usually atop the list. Greg’s Restorations can help service or replace your entire braking system, making sure you can enjoy your vehicle for years to come. We handle all aspects of braking performance including:

  • Shoes & Springs

  • Disc & Drum

  • Calipers, Rotors & Pads

  • Wheel Bearings

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Cooling System Maintenance

Cooling system failures lead to overheating, which can ultimately lead to more expensive and costly repairs down the road. Our team has the experience to diagnose the source of the issue and either replace or repair the faulty component for you. We handle many common cooling system components such as:

  • Water Pumps (Repair & Replacement)

  • Radiators

  • Hoses & Coolant (High Performance Avail)

  • Clutch Fans

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Clutch Replacement & Service

There can be a wide variety of clutch applications for your vintage vehicle depending on transmission and it’s intended use. We can set you up for anything, be it an off-road monster or a daily driver. We can not only help service your existing clutch but also make recommendations based on your needs. From rear main seal issues to complete replacement, we’ll make sure you’re ready to roll.

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Wiring Repair & Replacement

Assessing a wiring issue, or even trying to replace a harness can be a daunting task for anyone. That being said, our team works with classic vehicle harnesses all the time. This allows us to diagnose any issue quickly and make sure it is addressed. Many vehicles have wiring harness kits readily available, but we can help build you an entirely new harness from scratch if that’s what you’re looking for!

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Drivetrain & Axle Overhauls

Besides your engine, the remainder of your drivetrain plays an important role in getting the appropriate power to the ground in a way that is best suited for your intended application. Our team can make the right recommendations for your vintage vehicle, and we can help service/repair any existing components you may have including:

  • Axles (Repairs & Swaps)

  • Gears & Fluid Services

  • Driveshafts & U-Joints

  • Transfer Cases

  • Steering Components

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