When making movie inspired vehicles, especially one as famous as the Jeeps from Jurassic Park, all the details must be perfect. And that is exactly what you see here. With help from the owner, all the movie specific parts available were obtained and handmade if not available. The end result was as close to a screen used Jeep as one can own without convincing Universal Studios to sell one.

Custom Replica Paint Scheme Ramsey Winch Screen Accurate Roof Lights
Dennis Nedry’s “Escape” Vehicle BFG All-Terrain Tires “Barbasol”

Since Jurassic Park came out in 1993, fans have been trying to replicate the park Jeeps’ look and with all movie cars, it’s about attention to detail. Nothing beats the actual screen used vehicle, but in this case, Universal Studios has never released any of the five actual movie Jeeps into the public, so replicas will have to do! Several of the Jeeps are on display at various Universal Studios locations and events, so getting up close and personal to get all the details right is much easier than watching the movie on repeat. This replica is of JP12, the Jeep Dennis Nedry (Wayne Knight) uses to flee the park after stealing dinosaur embryos in a disguised Barbasol can. Being in New England, the first challenge was finding a clean Jeep YJ worthy of restoration. None in the area fit the bill so one from Florida was sourced and brought up north. The Jeep was 100% rust free, but had been lightly modified with a lift kit and bigger wheels and tires which would have to go.

The interior was far from perfect, so yet another Jeep (this time from New England’s rust belt) was sourced. The less intense rays from the sun and hardtop kept this Jeep’s interior in pristine condition and was an ideal donor for the project. The biggest part of the replication process is by far the paint scheme, getting the red stripes and lettering spot-on makes or breaks the look. After careful measuring and laying out the tape lines, the freshly painted factory Sand Beige paint was coated in Ford Performance Red along with the wheels. With paint out of the way, it was time for the details. One of the more unique and interesting parts of the movie Jeep was its roof mounted fog lights. These lights are actually for marine industry and are very heavy duty units that are still made today. These lights were paired up with handmade steel surrounds and rubber mount covers to finish off the look from the movie. Final touches of a Ramsey winch, CB radio whip antenna, and new factory style tan soft top completed the build and made it ready for the roads of Isla Nublar!