1938 Ford 1.5 ton Wrecker

This 1938 Ford Wrecker was originally owned by the Worcester Telegram Newspaper Company and used as a tow truck for their fleet of delivery vehicles. The owner Bruce Webber and the team at Greg's Restorations both worked on the truck to restore it back to it's original glory. As you can see from the as found photo, it came to us pretty banged up but solid for its age. Extensive bodywork, a new wooden bed, restoration of the hand operated winch, fabrication of custom running boards and wider rear fenders to allow larger wheels and tires, are a few of the highlights of this restoration.

1938 and 39 saw the redesign of the Ford pickup, with the most noticeable feature being the simple but elegant oval grill.  Expansion of the Ford line of trucks included models with increased capacity including 1 ton and 1 ½ ton bodied trucks.

This 1938 Ford wrecker is powered by Ford’s, 125hp, 221 cubic inch, flathead V-8. First introduced in 1932 this V-8 was the first affordable, mass produced V-8 engine built. Ford used this engine design with various improvements until 1953.

Hotrod builders, drag racers, dry lakebed and salt flat racers throughout the 50s and 60s prized this same V-8 with various modifications. The simple design allowed for low cost modifications that produced more power than most other engines of the era.

The Ford flathead V-8 has been recognised in "The 10 Best Engines of the 20th Century". Ward's AutoWorld. 2000-01-01.

1938 Ford Wrecker restoration