DeLorean Stage Prop Restoration

This is what is referred to as a "process car" which is used to do close ups of the stars inside the vehicles. This one was not used in the making of the movies, as far as we know, but it was definitely built by Universal Studios for use at the theme park in Hollywood at one of the attractions. It was known as the "World of Cinemagic", and it was done to show park goers how many special effects were accomplished.

Back to the Future DeLorean Stage Prop Restoration

The show used a small model DeLorean as well as a fiberglass DeLorean, each of which was used in the making of PT II where the car was seen flying. A few lucky show goers even got the chance to sit inside the car. It was built using many of the same, original components that were used to make the cars for the movie. It was mounted onto a steel frame with air shocks and points to attach a rod known as a gimbal, which enabled handlers to move the car around, simulating motion.

Now it is modified with air bags and a remote instead of being hand operated. DeLorean Stage Prop Restoration Unfortunately, it was in terrible condition. Everything from wiring, electronics, interior, glass, and the stainless steel body had to be restored. This Delorean prop underwent a two year restoration and now sits with Bill Shea’s Back To The Future collection.

You Tube Video - Back to the Future - How the Flying Delorean Car Effects were made