Vintage Cadillac Repair and Restoration

We work on and restore a wide variety of 50’s and 60’s cars here at Greg’s Restorations and some of our favorites are the big Cadillacs of this era. From mechanical work to body work and paint restoration we can service, repair or restore your vintage Cadillac.

Founded in 1902, Cadillac is the second oldest American automobile manufacturer and has always been considered a premium luxury brand. Known from the beginning for precision manufacturing their slogan became “The Standard of the World” for their manufacturing excellence. This precision manufacturing spawned increased reliability over other cars of the era and earned Cadillac a reputation for quality, which stands today. Legend has it that 3 Cadillacs were disassembled and a team of judges shuffled all the parts. Three days later all 3 cars were reassembled using the shuffled parts, they promptly started and were driven 500 miles.

Cadillac produced a long list of firsts in the automotive industry including; electrical and lighting systems, electric start, mass-produced V-8 engines as well as the first V-12 & V-16 engines, all steel roof, counter balanced crank shafts, shatter resistant glass, use of Phillips head screws in production, designer styling and of course tail fins.

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