My son Patrick and I are huge fans of many things...movies, history, sports, cars etc. One of our passions relates to two of vehicles. So, naturally, when we were looking for someone to restore our screen used, 1985 Toyota SR5 Extra Cab 4x4 pickup from Back to the Future II and III, we wanted someone who was as passionate as were are about it.

Fate intervened on the 4th of July holiday in 2013 when at a car show in Worcester, MA we met Greg Ward and Jeremy Pontbriand of Greg's Restoration. We were there with our Back to the Future DeLorean time machine replica collecting donations for the Massachusetts Vietnam Veterans when they strolled by to check it out. A conversation was started and we immediately knew we had found our guys!

The truck was at the shop the following week and all I can say is that we are completely, 100% thrilled with not only the results but also with the way entire process was handled, from frequent updates, to photographing the day to day progress, allowing us to come by whenever we wanted...all things that were very important to us and handled in a truly impressive, completely professional manner by Greg and his staff. They knew how much of a challenge the process of this restoration would be and happily took it on. It is a Toyota, not one of the "Big Three", so many of the parts were extremely hard to come by (they even had to manufacture some that just plain were not available!). They took our truck from a worn out, nearly 30 year old beast and returned it to us better then new!

If you are looking to have your car, truck, snowmobile, or whatever then look no further than Rutland, MA and Greg's Restorations....take it from these truly thrilled customers!

Bill and Patrick
Hubbardston, MA