Car and Truck Restoration

The restoration or resto-mod process begins with a complete examination and evaluation of customer’s the vehicle in our Rutland, MA shop. We then have a detailed discussion with the owner about their wishes and expectations for the car and how they plan on using the car after restoration. With this in mind we develop a restoration plan based on the vehicles condition and the owners expectations.

Pontiac GTO restoraation

Some owners are purists and want to keep their vehicle original. They place a high priority on factory specifications, colors, accessories, etc.

Other owners prefer to keep the stock look, but update their car to include modern amenities like stereos, seat belts, air conditioning, power disc-brakes and power steering. These so called resto-mods offer better safety and drivability, but keep the stock appearance of the vehicle.

Camaro in paint booth

Still others go for a complete custom build of a vintage vehicle including restoration of the original body, performance upgrades to engine, steering, suspension, brakes and other components.

Whatever our customer wishes for their vehicle we strive to build and restore a car or truck that exceeds our customer’s expectations.

The restoration process begins in our shop with the total dismantling, of the vehicle. Each part is cleaned and inspected. Mechanical parts worn beyond repair are replaced with new or rebuilt original equipment parts. Hard to find original parts are tracked down through our network of suppliers or replaced with modern upgrades.

Body being lifted off Toyota pickup

Each phase of the restoration including mechanical work, panel fabrication, rewiring, bodywork and paint, is done right here in our shop. Specialty work, like engine rebuilding, upholstery and chrome is handled by our network of craftsman, each with years of experience in their specific discipline.

Owner Greg Ward is personally involved with every aspect throughout the restoration process. He oversees and inspects all the work performed and does much of the work himself.

old Cadillac dealership sign we restored for a customer.