Performance upgrades for classic, muscle & modern cars and trucks

Here at Greg’s Restorations we are all about the pursuit of horsepower and torque. Making vehicles go faster, sound better and look unique is what we do.

We can increase the performance of your vehicle with a wide variety of performance upgrades including; headers and free flow exhaust systems, improved fuel and air delivery, high output ignition as well as engine tuning for maximum performance.

The way a vehicle sits and sounds adds distinction and personality to any vehicle. We install a variety of custom headers and exhaust systems to give your vehicle just the right sound as well as suspension systems that give your ride that just right height.

If you are thinking about improving performance through an engine rebuild or installing a new crate motor we can handle that for you as well. We work with the best automotive machine shops in the area where your engine will be thoroughly cleaned, inspected for internal damage, resurfaced and reassembled with performance components. We will reinstall and tune your new engine for maximum performance.

Of course all performance cars need high performance brakes. We can convert your old 1968 Chevrolet Camaro in for a tune-upschool manual drum brake system into a high performance power disc setup, so you can tame all that horsepower.

Whether you ride is a classic, muscle or modern car, truck or 4x4, we can make it go faster, stop quicker and sit right.

Z-28 Camaro