Late Model Truck Restoration

Many of our customers bring us their late model work trucks for restoration or refurbishment. With new trucks costing over $50,000, in many cases it makes sense to invest in a refurbishment of your trusted ride and extend it’s life, for about one-fifth the cost.

Rusty cab corners and rotten beds are the most common problems with 80s and 90s pickups. Replacement cab corners and bed panels are readily available through our network of suppliers. We cut out all rusted areas back to the solid steel, treat the inner panel with a rust inhibitor and weld new steel in place. After a skim coat and primer, the final color is blended as if the rust was never there.

In the last few years we have found many truck frames from the 80s and 90s with badly rusted cross members. When you see the construction of the rear frame members, it seems that they are purposely designed to collect debris leading to rusted out frame members under the truck bed.

Late model truck frame and bed restoration

To restore these frames we media blast the frame down to bare metal, weld in new redesigned cross members then prime and paint the entire frame giving your late model truck frame many more years of service.

Some of the late model trucks we have restored include; Ford F 150, F 250, F 350, Chevy K Series, Toyota Pickups

Ford F 350 Restoration Click to see the Ford F 350 restoration
Ford F350 Restoration